aeration/power rake


This refers to the extent of air gaps in soil.  Aeration commonly refers to the process of using mechanized equipment to puncture the soil.  Core aeration commonly used on lawns to reduce turf "lawn" compaction, reducing thatch build up, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.  Soil fertility does not always equal soil productivity!

All plants/grass require a fertile soil in which to grow, but fertility alone is not enough.  Plants also need water and air to produce good lawns. Air within the soil is necessary for grass root systems to utilize the nutrients.  In that absence of air, the root system loses its ability to utilize the applied fertilizer and soil conditioners which are therefore "wasted".

The best time to "aerate" your lawn is in the FALL time when the temperatures are starting to cool down during the daytime, this is also the best time since the ground is starting to receive more rain then in the hot summer months.  A yard can be also aerated in the spring but at that time weeds are starting to grow so the grass and weeds with be competing for the ideal conditions.



Simple Solutions (2000) Ltd. dynamic team will perform this service ONLY in the Spring, before your lawn emerges from dormancy, to receive great benefits.  The main advantage of power raking is removal of thatch, which can be the cause of many lawn problems including insects and disease.  Power raking takes place in two parts  . First, the crew uses a special "power rake" commercial grade to take up the thatch from the lawn.  Second, we hand rake and clean up and dispose of the thatch with our equipment.  Please note that should you have "dog" patches the power rake will take these up, and we also recommend this services for lawn with more than a 1/2 inch of thatch.


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