ice maintenance

Simple Solutions (2000) Ltd. is dedicated to keeping your walks/pathways/sidewalks and city areas safe for you and pedestrians safe at all times.  With our snow removal, crews will come out days after the snow fall and make sure your areas are safe to walk on.  If they feel that you have an ice build up then they will automatically put deicer down which is good to temperatures of -50.  We will also monitor when we start getting the melting and freezing in our Alberta climate, crews are automatically dispatched out to do "site" checks and will keep a close eye on what is going on with the areas/sites.

**Please note that deicer does not automatically work, it must have an activation by warm weather to start the melting process.  Deicer does not work in cold temperatures but crews will put down deicer when the temperatures rise and we know it will be activated so we can come back out and clean off any icy patches for you.

This is part of your monthly snow removal contract and you will not be billed for crews coming out but you will be billed based on a per pound of deicer which will be added to your monthly invoice.

Ice can be a very dangerous winter hazard.  Slippery and often hidden under snow or leaves.  Winter ice is th cause of many injuries in Alberta, especially for the elderly.  Simple Solutions (2000) Ltd. Snow removal team prevent ice build up on your property by using a variety of tools and techniques proven over the years to most effective for Ice Control.  All of our seasonal contracts come with routine ice control.  We will apply ice melt every time we plow and shovel your property, extra sand/salt runs are made when there is not enough snow to plow.
We use very effective ice control for your sidewalks, doorways, etc.. 

Sifto Ice Melter (a beautiful blue color) easy to see crystals.  Will not stain carpets, floors or plants.  Safe for property air-entrained, cured concrete.  Better for the environment than Road Salt.

GeoMelt Ice Melter (Green in color)  100% natural ingredients, this is made from sugar beets and other natural ingredients.  This product is safe for animals and plants.  It will not wear down your concrete like salt does..  Very high quality product and well worth the extra money. add and extra $1.00 for this product.
Our crews make very sure we are putting down the proper amounts on your property to protect you, your loved ones and the people around you.



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